VideoMail is an application designed to create and send video, photo and audio email messages quickly and easily. Why type your email or text message when within a few easy steps, anyone can easily send a cool video, photo or audio message? VideoMail is much more personalized and gets your point across the first time. Don’t have the person that you emailed second guess your plain text message. Have fun with your friends, capture a quick moment of your child’s sporting event or school play and send it to their grandparents. Don’t get distracted while driving by texting your spouse to tell them that you are leaving work and will stop at the supermarket before you come home, just send them a quick AudioMail.

The application’s default quality and duration settings along with the favorite email recipients that you predefine, allow you to send a multimedia email with no effort.

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VideoMail Goes Social Media!

You can now upload VideoMail or PhotoMail to Facebook or Twitter. After recording a VideoMail or taking a PhotoMail, you are now prompted with a choice to send via Email, Facebook, Twitter or just save to the iPhone’s Photo Library.